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Cookie policy

I use cookies to make my website easier and more intuitive for you. Data are collected from my cookies to provide the best possible and more efficient experience and service to you.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent from the website to the browser, where they are normally stored. They are then sent again to the website when the same user visits the website again.

Cookies cannot transmit any other data from the user’s disk; they cannot transmit computer viruses or obtain email addresses.

Every cookie is unique for each user’s web browser.

Some of the functions that cookies do can be transferred to other technologies. In this document I use the word “cookie” to refer to actual cookies as well as to all similar technologies.

Through cookies it is possible to register information about your preferences, such as the pages you have visited or the download of files from the website or other similar actions you may take navigating my website.


First party and third party cookies?

There are first party cookies and third party cookies. First party cookies are developed by the owner of the website; third party cookies are developed by a third party and not by the owner of the website.


Type of cookies

There are several types of cookies

– Technical cookies. They are used by first parties to improve the website browsing experience; they are normally installed by the owner or the operator of the website.

They can be split into the following categories:

1) Essential cookies or those required for browsing:

These are essential for the basic and normal operation of the site.

2) Analytics Cookies

These cookies, assimilated to technical cookies when they are used directly by the owner or the operator of the site, are used to collect anonymous statistics about the number of users and how they interact with the site, in order to improve the performance of the site.

3) Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow the user to navigate based on certain criteria they have selected (such as language) in order to improve the service of the site. In order to install these cookies it is not required the consent of the user (you can read more in the paragraph Cookies management, below).

– Profile Cookies

These are used to create profiles for the users and then send advertising messages that match the preferences shown by the users when navigating.

In order to use these cookies consent must be given. The user can authorise or deny consent to install profile cookies, if present on the site.

In case of third party cookies, the site does not have direct control on each cookie and cannot control them (install or cancel them). You can handle these cookies, though, through your browser (instructions to follow) or the sites indicated in the section “Cookies management”.

The user is therefore invited to verify on the site of third party that is indicated.


Cookies on this website

This is the list of cookies (logically gathered based on their function) present on this site.

Third party cookies show the link to the privacy policy of the third party supplier, where you can find a detailed description of each cookie and how they are treated.

List of cookies on this site

Essential cookies

This website uses cookies to guarantee the most efficient experience of the site to the user. These cookies are essential for the basic and normal operation of the site. You can disable these cookies from the browser by following the instructions in the dedicated paragraph, however you will compromise your experience on the site and I can’t be held responsible for its malfunctioning.

Google analytics’ cookies

They are tracking cookies to generate statistics on how the website is used by the user.

On this website Google analytics uses cookies that don’t collect personal data and that allow me to analyse how the user navigates on the site. I use tools to reduce the cookies’ identifiability through cloaking portions of the IP. To avoid the cookies’ memorisation, the user can download an additional tool at the following link:

No profiling cookies are on this website.


How long the cookies will be held

Cookies lifetime

Cookies have a lifetime due to their expiry date set at installation (or by a specific action like closing the browser). Cookies can be:

–    temporary or session cookies: used to archive temporary data, they allow to link actions in a specific session and they are removed and not stored when closing the browser.

–    persistent cookies: they are used to archive data, like name and password, to avoid the user to digit them again every time they navigate on a specific website. These cookies persist in your pc even after you close the browser.

My IT systems use both temporary and persistent cookies.

Cookies management

You can disable the cookies on my website by downloading specific softwares for your browser, like Ghostery, and by disabling the use of each cookie. Otherwise you can activate the Private Browsing mode, where you can browse the internet hiding your traces in the browser.

As an alternative, you can disable/delete cookies in the configuration panel of your browser.

Accepting or not accepting cookies

By continuing to navigate on this website, closing the informative window, clicking on any part of the page or scrolling down to read further content, you are accepting this Cookie policy, therefore cookies will be in use.

If you are not accepting the cookie policy and you are leaving the website, any cookies that are locally registered in your browser will remain in the archive but they will not be used by me until you will accept our Privacy Policy. You always have the chance to delete cookies at anytime through the aforementioned modalities.

For any query please write to this email address:

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