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Imane Dahmani

Holistic Health & Nutrition counselor
Rapid Transformational Therapy® practitioner

“ I help you prioritise yourself and transform your life by giving you clarity, empowerment, and freedom.

IDAtherapy was born from my desire to help people live a thriving fulfilled life. One in which they can feel healthy, act in their best interest and experience joy, pleasure, and peace of mind.
I am committed to gently but effectively help you navigate your life events in a more realistic and optimistic way. You will regain your strength and confidence to achieve whatever goal you have.
My practice combines psychotherapy, holistic health, and fast induction hypnotherapy. I believe integrating the best of these three practices and their proven tools will make you reconnect with your healthiest self, and the ensuing confidence will bring you a new wonderful sense of freedom.

No matter the physical or emotional issues that are affecting you, I want you to know that we can permanently interrupt and reframe what is holding you back.
My goal is to give you what you want...
My gift is to give you what you need.


There are many areas where I can support you

No matter the challenges you are facing, you can gain long-lasting relief from them and turn your life around. You just need the right support.


Our sessions will provide you with a fresh perspective and transformative habits. I will support you to take the concrete and actionable steps that will provide mindblowing results for your health and wellbeing.


The following categories are nothing more than labels to name the symptoms we may have...

By no means do they define us or belong to us.

Anxiety, depression and stress management

Nutrition, weight issues and food related disorders

Fears & Phobias

Addictions and compulsive disorders

Self-esteem and confidence issues

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