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I help you prioritise yourself and transform your life by giving you clarity, empowerment, and freedom. 




Imane Dahmani is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist and Holistic Health counsellor, renowned for being one of the very few to successfully blend therapy and coaching. She takes a tailored approach to her clients' physical and emotional well-being, supporting them to look and feel their best in life while staying sharply focused on accomplishing their goals.

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Imane Dahmani

There are many areas where I can support you

No matter the issues that are weighting you down, you can gain long-lasting relief from them and turn your life around. 

Each session will provide you with a fresh perspective, forward motion and transformative habits. I will gently but effectively guide you to take the concrete actionable steps towards your goals and wellbeing.

The following presenting issues addressed in my practice are nothing but labels to name the most common problems we may encounter. By no means do they define us or belong to us.


Depression and 

Stress management

The unexpressed feelings we burry alive never die.


Weight issues and 

Food related disorders


Whatever the mind acquired, it can let go of. 

Self esteem

Confidence issues

The most important words in your life are the ones you say to yourself.

Authenticity, empathy and gracefully articulated boundaries to maintain meaningful relationships.

Relationship issues

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