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About my practice

I  practice as a qualified Hypnotherapist, RTT® Practitioner and certified Holistic Health Coach based in London. My extensive experience working with clients from different backgrounds and my years of research and education led me to develop my very own approach to therapy.  


My therapeutic process is structured in 3 steps:

You can't fix what you don't understand

I use Hypnosis to carefully guide you to the root cause of your blockers.
Under Hypnosis, you feel deeply relaxed, in control, and incredibly receptive to suggestions.

This step is really impactful, as the shift occurs during the first session, providing immense relief to physical and emotional conditions.

Change the thoughts to change the habits

I use RTT® tools and techniques to interrupt the thoughts that cause the pain.
Destructive beliefs are inhibited and new pathways of thinking are created.
As you change your habits of thoughts, your habits of action will follow.

Sustain the change and make it familiar

I use a holistic approach to help you change your life one step at a time.
I show you how to implement concrete tools and  strategies to achieve peace of mind, improved health and transformed relationships. 


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