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My Approach

Trained as a Hypnotherapist, RTT® practitioner, and Holistic health counselor specialised in nutrition, I am equipped with a broad and comprehensive toolkit to assist you in your transformation.

First, my method differs from traditional talking therapy where clients are put through weekly sessions that can last for years. 
My therapeutic process is effective and tailored to the uniqueness of each client. Over the sessions, I am amazed to witness how people bloom and change when they finally put their resources and abilities at the service of their own well being.

I know how emotional and physical challenges ca
n be difficult to deal with on a daily basis, and I really want you to know that there are concrete solutions for you to permanently move past the issues.
Second, I am fully engaged in the relationship I foster with each client. I treasure their trust and my ultimate satisfaction is to see them expand in their own world.

Third, I will meet you where you are and be your guide on the side. As a Holistic health coach, I will provide you with resources and strategies on relationships, habits, nutrition, emotion management, and other areas related to your circle of life. This will help you make informed choices and live a happier life through self-acceptance, awareness, and emotional freedom.
You are in good hands and have my unconditional support in this safe space I create for you. 

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